25 years of restoring OVAL Maidan

Oval Maidan is a large Grade I recreational ground situated in South Mumbai, India. It is so named because of its oval shape and is situated just south of Churchgate. It is a popular recreation ground, with the most popular sport played there being cricket. The ground measures around 22 acres.

Somewhere around 1996-97 period, the ground was primarily encroached by all types of elements and was in a complete disarray. Citizens in the area had formed a trust named OVAL trust (Organization for Verdant Ambience & Land Trust) and wanted to restore the ground to its original glory.

The proposal included getting it fenced entirely for 1.6 kms periphery, providing a natural mud jogging track, levelling the area with proper slope for drainage, providing gates and bollards on both entrances and a stone pathway between the two entrances.

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